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Automotive connectors and wiring harnesses 

Need an automotive connector or wire harness quote? Click on the icons below and fill out the necessary information. One of our parts representatives will contact you shortly with price and availability.

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Everyone should know how easy to use and how great your staff is!
I needed the parts over night and was willing to pay... I LOVE that the staff took the time to check and found that the package would arrive the next day with no extra fee! You guys rock!
Kim Thompson - Wyatt's Body & Frame, Burlington IA

What do we do? Make the Connection!

Wire Harnesses

Aeromotive provides you with an OEM solution to your automotive wire harness issues. From a single automotive electrical connector/pigtail to a whole harness assembly, Aeromotive can provide you with the products and training to get the job done!

Our wire harness reprocessing center takes existing inventory or rebuilds your damaged assembly to OEM specifications. Our 100% guarantee provides assurance the reprocessed wiring harness assembly will be a perfect part number match for your vehicle and our 12 month/12,000 mile warranty protects you against defects.

Have you ever been faced with this issue?

  • Rodent damage
  • Obsolete harness
  • National Backorder
  • Water damage
  • Fire
  • Collision damage

These are just a few reasons to replace a wire harness assembly. So why go New? Why not send your harness to us so we can recondition it back to OEM specifications? You can save as much as 45-65% off list cost. Get a reprocessed wire harness assembly. Give us call at 1-877-7AERO-US (877-723-7687)

Our OEM supply includes; 90% of domestic models (GM, Ford, Chrysler etc), 80% Asian manufacturers (Nissan, Toyota, Honda etc.) and 70% European Companies (Mercedes, BMW, VW etc.).


We have thousands of automotive electrical connectors in stock! If you are in need of a connector, please take a photo of the front face of it (like you're plugging it into the camera) then click on the icons above and fill out the necessary fields or e-mail it to





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