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Training at your fingertips

We have put together a series of training videos to help you understand, carry out and test repair work using Aeromotive supplied parts. We hope you find these informative and beneficial. If you have any questions or comments or even suggestions for more training, please contact us!

Getting Started | Replacing & Testing | Repair Process

Visit our YouTube Channel where you will find all of these training videos and more!

Getting Started

Letís Get Started! These videos are designed to give the repairer a better understanding of the limitations when repairing a wire harness assembly. The basic rules you will learn through these videos will help you, the repairer, to make good decisions and sound repairs.

Replacing & Testing

This series of videos will offer you some useful tips that will assist you in replacing damaged fuse boxes and connectors. These videos will also show you some basic testin gmethods to help check your work. Enjoy!

  • Damage to the SRS Circuit - Best practice for replacing a damaged connector on your Supplemental Restraing System.
  • How to replace a damaged 2 cavity connector - In a situation where a 2-way connector is damaged, the best course of action is to remove and replace. This video demonstrates the best techniques for a sound repair.
  • Removing/Replacing A ECM 48-Way connector - When dealing a multi-cavity connector, things can get tricky. This video shows the best technique for the replacement of these connectors.
  • Removing/Replacing a fuse box - Learn the most effective technique for removing and replacing a fuse box.
  • Testing your work - One of the most important things you can do throughout the whole process is to test your work. Here we show the basic use of a multi ohm-meter and how it can help your project.

Repair Process

The following videos will give you a better insight into accomplishing a sound repair to a damaged wire harness assembly.


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