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Automotive connectors and wiring harnesses 


Connectors, Pigtails, Wire leads etc.:

How to order parts
1. Take a front view photo of the damaged component or what it plugs into.
2. Add a description of the photo. For example, headlight connector, radio, ABS system etc.
3. List the year, make, model and vin number. If available, the harness part number.
4. Fill out the form below
5. A representative from Aeromotive will contact you within 15-30 minutes of your submission time

Accepted Forms of Payment:
We also accept Check By Phone. Click here to download our ACH Form.
Note: Payment arrangements need to be made prior to processing the order

Shipping and Handling
Click here to read our shipping & handling policy.

  • Connectors come with 6 inches of wire lead
  • Connectors with over 6 cavities will only come with 6 wire leads

The photos below illustrate the connector image we would prefer to work with. We realize, in many cases, the connector is damaged or missing. In these circumstances, if a photo can be taken of the component the connector plugs into or perhaps a similiar connector on the opposite side (exterior lights) would be useful.

Visual verification is critical. Component terminology is constantly changing. For example, a park lamp connector may also be listed as a park/turn connector. They are quite different in style and configuration. Please see the examples below of what we consider to be a "good photo" and a "bad photo".



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